Our Mission is to improve the lives of women and their children, to give hope and support in African communities.

Women’s Centers

The Rose Mapendo Foundation focuses on instilling a sense of worth in women who know nothing outside of being viewed as worthless. In 2010 Rose opened the first of many women’s centers intended to provide the resources necessary for women to rebuild their lives and advocate for change across the world. The center provides women with the necessary skills and training needed to build a sustainable, successful and fulfilling life for themselves and future generations. Rose is a firm believer that when you help a woman, you change her family, empower her village, and inspire her nation to change the world for the better.


Through strategic partnerships, Rose can provide the DRC with the resources necessary to develop programs that help women flourish. We work with other non-profit organizations that specialize in areas such as building and running a business, education services, and financial advice to prepare women to support their children and flourish on their own. Expanding our network of global partnerships is an essential aspect of the Rose Mapendo Foundation’s efforts to continue the fight against evil. We hope that our system of hope grows globally and strengthens the impactful message of self-worth that we are preaching to women.

Rose Advocates

Rose believes it is critical that women claim a spot at the peace table in order to ensure a positive change is made in society. Teaching women the skills necessary to support their families and providing the resources needed to live a sustainable life are the first steps to securing that place. When women have grown to be valued by society, their voices will finally be heard and a change for the better will be made. Until then, Rose acts as a voice for these voiceless women, inspiring them to keep fighting until they have the respect and approval that they rightly deserve.

PLANS for the Future

The future of the Rose Mapendo Foundation lies in expanding its reach globally. Rose hopes to expand the capacity of the women’s center to accommodate a larger number of women and children every year. After opening several more centers around the DRC and surrounding areas, Rose envisions helping women all around the world. The Rose Mapendo Foundation is aware that the oppression of women is an international issue that needs to be considered, researched and resolved. Rose will not stop advocating for peace until the last suffering woman is saved.